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All the images on this site are available for sale.  The images are processed and printed by Bay Photo.  The copyright will not be printed on the images!

We chose Bay Photo because we know several professional photographers that do all their printing through Bay Photo and are extremely pleased with the results. These photographers have completely abandoned personal printing.

The Buy Photos Button will take you through a process where you can decide what size print you would like.  For instance, if you choose an 8X10 and the image is actually 8X12, you will see the picture with a crop frame around it for you to decide how you want it cropped.

Since these images were already sized when we loaded them to the website, it would be better at this point to choose a different size that doesn't require cropping.

You will have the option with Bay Photo to include matting and framing if you wish.  Bay Photo receives all the money from these services.  We receive a portion from the sale of the print. 

If you prefer custom prints that are matted and signed, contact us via the Contact Us! link. We print many prints each month from 8X10 to 16X24 on our Canon imagePROGRAPH printer.  This is a large format professional printer using a 12 Color Pigment Ink System producing prints with a lifespan greater than 100 years.

Prints from us will be mounted, signed and include a white archival quality over mat. 

Again, Thanks for looking at our website!

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